Quentin Angus - In Stride (2017)

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Quentin Angus - In Stride (2017)

Quentin Angus - In Stride (2017)
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Jazz | Label: QFTF

Quentin Angus was described by critics as "Lord of the strings"– The Age (Michael Dwyer), "The Future of Jazz Composition"– Paul Williams (ASCAP), and "Exuberant, richly melodic and smartly arranged"– Richard Kamins (Culture Creature), Angus has been leaving audiences in awe around the world with performances in Holland, Belgium, Romania, Switzerland, Turkey, New Zealand, Australia and the United States. This includes appearances at the 'Montreux International Jazz Festival' (Switzerland), 'HOOT International Jazz Festival' (Australia), and 'Jazz Hoeilaart Festival' (Belgium), along with the release of two critically acclaimed albums as a band leader, 'Retrieval Structure' (2011), described as "fresh, sophisticated, vibrant and formidable"– All About Jazz (Edward Blanco), and 'Perception' (2013), described as "A truly special and essential recording".


01. Jingles
02. Iris
03. In Stride
04. One for Bernie
05. Segment
06. Droplets
07. Wonderwall
08. Kinship


Quentin Angus - guitar
Sam Anning - bass
Ari Hoenig - drums




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