Ralf Illenberger & Büdi Siebert - Serenade (1994)

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Ralf Illenberger & Büdi Siebert - Serenade (1994)

Ralf Illenberger & Büdi Siebert - Serenade (1994)
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Composer, producer, guitarist Ralf Illenberger’s experience spans a varied and successful thirty-year career that includes hits in Europe and the US, sales of over 400,000 CDs, and performances in more than 50 countries. In 1994 Illenberger released a collaboration with multi instrumentalist Büdi Siebert. Serenade is a beautiful and quiet album. read more

After many years of performing live together, a steadily growing number of fans began to ask "why don't you make a recording as a duo?" For up to that point in time they had to revert to Ralf and Büdi's individual solo albums. Why not indeed!

In 1994 the two musicians got together, and in the intimacy of Büdi's little studio they put down some of the most beautiful songs of the live program - just the two, no side musicians, hardly any overdubbing and no big technical setup - "unplugged" as it were. This intimacy turned out to be the essence of Serenade, because it left the space for this "intensely communicative duo" to "converse in the tuneful language for their instruments, to conduct dialogues and fight duels, to argue and pet, to wrestle and kiss"

Büdi Siebert

Ralf Illenberger

Ralf Illenberger: Guitars, Sitar, E-bow
Büdi Siebert: Bass Clarinet, Flutes, Marimba, Percussion

Composed by: Ralf Illenberger (4, 7)
Ralf Illenberger and Büdi Siebert (1, 2, 5, 6, 8, 10)
Ralf Illenberger, Büdi Siebert and Martin Kolbe (3)


01. Arches
02. Big Foot
03. Winter Serenade
04. Deep In Love
05. Spacious Skies
06. Maccu Piccu
07. Silverlake
08. Pas Time Serenade
09. Black Root
10. Dreamtime Serenade

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Ralf Illenberger & Büdi Siebert - Serenade (1994)