Knoc-Turn'al- Return of the Hustler (2006)

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Knoc-Turn'al- Return of the Hustler (2006)

Knoc-Turn'al- Return of the Hustler (2006)
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Return of the Hustler is the second studio album released by West Coast hip hop artist Knoc-turn'al. The album was released on Sonic Wave Intl., on January 17, 2006. Every song was written by Knoc-turn'al himself, and produced by the Bubble Monkeys, with the exception of the last song, which had a live band. All songs were recorded at Executive Records, and the album's executive producer was Anand Bhatt.

Track listing

1. "Return of the Hustler" (featuring Soup, Treedog, Jazmine)
2. "Gansta Ways" (featuring Lord Lucky, Lil' T)
3. "You a Bopper" (featuring Macguiness, Aziz)
4. "I Stay Swerning" (featuring Macguiness, Jpeace)
5. "Up in L.A." (featuring Maintain, Krown City)
6. "Four Season's" (featuring Soup, Treedog, Lord Lucky, Wes)
7. "Dirty Money" (featuring Lord Lucky, John)
8. "The Donky Donk" (featuring Macguiness)
9. "Get Up On It" (featuring Lord Lucky, Lil' T)
10. "My Dream"
11. "Inspiration" (featuring Maintain, Krown City, Jessica)