SONY Cinemascape

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SONY Cinemascape

SONY Cinemascape
Soundtrack | 1,22GB | WAV

Doing audio for video? Cinemascape has folders with loops that serve different purposes (complete beds, textures, string lines, thematics, and so on).

Most are slow, long, languid loops. Used alone, they’re ideal for the scene where the Jonathan sits alone, staring into his drink, reflecting on life before Yvonne went mad after the incident in Venice . . . or for that matter, the scene in the sci-fi movie where the hero seeks clues among the ruins of an ancient alien civilization.

However, they are also excellent for providing sustained voices over hyperactive backgrounds. I slipped some of the string phrases and pads on top of your basic ethnic percussion+tympani car-chase type music, and the combination worked great.

The Piano Phrases sound like they’re going to float away, sort of like Debussy meets processing. I was less impressed by Field Manipulations — eight environments that seemed out of place with the other material.

Overall, I’d classify these as laid-back, quality loops for dramatic moments. If you’re into psychological dramas, romances, flashes of blissful transcendence, or are planning to remake “Last Year at Marienbad,” Cinemascape will hit the target. Cool bonus: You can download 20 free Acid-compatible projects based on these files from Sony’s website; more are forthcoming.
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Complete Beds
Field Manipulations
Piano Phrases
Promotional Loops
String Phrases