Skip James - The Complete Early Recordings 1930 (1994)

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Skip James - The Complete Early Recordings 1930 (1994)

Skip James - The Complete Early Recordings 1930 (1994)
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Audio CD (September 15, 1994) - Number of Discs: 1 - Label: Yazoo - ASIN: B000000G8L
Blues, Delta Blues

Product Description: An influence to Robert Johnson Skip James recorded 17 selections for Paramount in 1931 ( not 1930 as the title of the disc would indicate). His surviving works of this time demonstrate a masterful and unique style on both guitar and piano. Skip's haunting delivery was created by his falsetto singing over a rhythmic and erratic instrumental accompaniment. The Depression suppressed his record sales and left him in obscurity until rediscovered in 1964. Illness curtailed Skip James' performing career in 1968 and he died of cancer on October 3, 1969. As excellent as Robert Johnson is, his music is easy listening music compared to this!

Skip James - The Complete Early Recordings 1930 (1994)

Review: With an unmistakable falsetto delivery, Skip James created some of history's eeriest blues records. His blues sounds dark and mysterious, using odd tunings, structures, and rhythms, and exploring gloomy lyrical themes. Unlike other bluesmen of the day, James's music was personal and bleak, played for his own emotional release and not for purposes of entertainment. "Devil Got My Woman," "Hard Time Killin' Floor Blues," "Hard Luck Child," and "Special Rider Blues" convey sorrow and misery like few others can. Uptempo numbers such as the classic "I'm So Glad" and "Drunken Spree," which resembles the hillbilly traditional "Late Last Night," showcase his forceful guitar picking while rags "Little Cow and Calf" and the jumpy "How Long 'Buck'" feature his unique piano work.
This album brings the tradional old time blues together. Skip James and Jack Owens play a style of blues like no other. No extra brass, drums or piano is needed. Just the guitar and the tapping of his foot brings you back to a simpler time and unclutter sad music.
Although four of the tracks are plagued with the sounds of static, this album is a masterpiece!! This album contains elements of darkness and evil,love and hate, and pain and sorrow. It is a true Delta blues album! Skip James plays the guitar like Hendrix and plays the piano like Jerry Lee Lewis!! He can reach high notes that almost rattle the speakers of any sound system! You can almost feel the pain of slaves when he moans and wails!! Great CD.

01. Devil Got My Woman (3:02)
02. Cypress Grove Blues (3:13)
03. Little Cow And Calf Is Gonna Die Blues (2:55)
04. Hard Time Killin' Floor Blues (2:52)
06. Cherry Ball Blues (2:51)
07. Jesus Is A Mighty Good Leader (3:02)
08. Illinois Blues (3:05)
09. How Long "Buck" (2:54)
10. 4 O'Clock Blues (2:52)
11. 22-20 Blues (2:52)
12. Hard Luck Child (3:05)
13. If You Haven't Any Hay Get On Down The Road (2:55)
14. Be Ready When He Comes (2:55)
15. Yola My Blues Away (3:13)
16. I'm So Glad (2:51)
17. What Am I Gonna Do Blues (3:03)
18. Special Rider Blues (3:03)
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