Superdrag - Industry Giants (2009)

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Superdrag - Industry Giants (2009)

Superdrag - Industry Giants (2009)
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POWER POP buzz band Superdrag has risen from the ashes andcommemorated their glorious reunion with a brand new studio effort, Industry Giants. And the news only gets better: the band resumes with the original line-up of Don Coffey Jr. (drums), Tom Pappas (bass), Brandon Fisher (guitar), and John Davis (everything else). And if you have a clear recollection of 1998, then you will remember that this is the same quartet that turned in the masterpiece Head Trip in Every Key.


Slow To Anger
Live And Breathe
I Only Want A Place I Can Stay
Everything'll Be Made Right
Cheap Poltergeists
Ready To Go
Filthy & Afraid
You're Alive
5 Minutes Ahead Of The Chaos
Deathblow To Your Pride