Various Artists - Mojo Presents I Can See For Miles

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Various Artists - Mojo Presents I Can See For Miles

Various Artists - Mojo Presents I Can See For Miles
Lost tracks from America's psychedelic underground

Mojo magazine, April 2009
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01. First Crew On The Moon - The Sun Lights Up The Shadows Of Your Mind (2:17)
02. The Mystery Trend - Johnny Was A Good Boy (2:34)
03. Terry Manning - Guess Things Happen That Way (3:21)
04. 13th Floor Elevators - (I've Got) Levitation (2:39)
05. The Red Crayola - Hurricane Fighter Plane (3:38)
06. The Bubble Puppy - Days Of Our Time (2:23)
07. The Balloon Farm - A Question Of Temperature (2:36)
08. The Music Machine - The People In Me (2:54)
09. The Chocolate Watch Band - Are You Gonna Be There (At The Love In) (2:22)
10. The Ashes - Let's Take Our Love (2:13)
11. Lost and Found - Don't Fall Down (3:12)
12. The Free Spirits - I'm Gonna Be Free (3:25)
13. Golden Dawn - Starvation (2:49)
14. Endle St. Cloud - Come Through (2:10)
15. 13th Floor Elevators - You Don't Know (Live at the Avalon Ballroom, SF) (2:58)

Total time: 41m 31s

SO DECLARED LATE LSD ADVOCATE AND counterculture mouthpiece Timothy Leary, explaining his attempts at self-discovery. As 1967 dawned, America's youth appeared to take Leary's lysergic pronouncements to heart, embarking on their own psychedelic journey using a mixture of sound, snarl and long strange trips that, in some cases, appeared to last an eternity.
Musically speaking, they drew on The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, The Pretty Things and, in particular, The Who (hence the tide of this bespoke MOJO compilation). Theirs was a sound that retained a sense of power rather than resorting to the whimsy that soon engulfed their British counterparts. As this acid-inspired sound spread across the USA some, like The Doors, went overground. Others, like First Crew To The Moon, The Mystery Trend and Golden Dawn, remained underground, often trapped by a combination of location, circumstance and, in certain instances, their own excesses.
I Can See For Miles is an unbridled celebration of this often overlooked amalgam of musicians, gathering together 15 tracks from America's psychedelic underground. It is designed as a tribute to the time that spawned this music and is dedicated to the immortal spirit of the leading proponents of US psychedelia, the 13th Floor Elevators, whose remarkable 10-CD set is the result of intense excavation. Tune in, and levitate!
Editor-in-Chief, MOJO Magazine
London, England. January 2009

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