Wolf People - Ruins (2016)

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Wolf People - Ruins (2016)

Wolf People - Ruins
Psychedelic Rock | MP3 CBR 320 kbps | 46:13 min | 109 MB
Label: Jagjaguwar | Tracks: 12 | 2016

Ruins is Wolf People's new album, and its over-riding theme is that of nature reclaiming the land. The transcendence of life over politics, plants over people. It asks: where are we going and what comes next? If culture is history's narration, then Wolf People are custodians and conduits; electrified sages, if you will. Through them runs a time-line of a nation rising from bloody glory to existentialist confusion. Yet within Ruins, their album proper, lies a spirit of hope too, it is a reminder that society is no match for the mighty power of music and nature working in perfect symbiosis. Wolf People are time travellers, their tools mythology, history, hauntology, big riffs, bigger beats, electricity.

01. Ninth Night 03:16
02. Rhine Sagas 04:01
03. Night Witch 03:50
04. Kingfisher 06:58
05. Thistles 04:00
06. Crumbling Dais 03:54
07. Kingfisher Reprise 01:13
08. Not Me Sir 04:03
09. Belong 03:47
10. Salts Mill 05:54
11. Kingfisher Reprise II 00:56
12. Glass 04:22