abecedarians ab-cd

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abecedarians ab-cd

Abecedarians ab-cd
Genre: Electronic | Style: Synth-pop | MP3 192 Kbps | 98 Mb

“MTV gave the cut 'Soil' some play on 120 Minutes (it is one of their best - good video too) and they made some nice comps to boot. I think this is kinda dark, almost what is now called goth; but this band could really play and the songs were always tight. If you remember 120 Minutes back then it was like an analog Leather Nun or Wire kinda. At the same time, if you like the classic early goth era, it is a little like 'Faith' era cure, mixed with prime Sisters Of Mercy too, but better musicianship, an American sensibility, and less drama. I wish I had this! Please re-issue the damn thing! Find it online somehow. So good. Soil, Ghosts, Smiling Monarchs, Coconut Tree…all gooood”.

1 Ghosts (6:42)
2 Soil (7:00)
3 The Other Side Of The Fence (4:09)
4 I Glide (7:32)
5 Mice & Coconut Tree (4:59)
6 Smiling Monarchs (6:4
7 Dinner (4:49)
8 Spaghetti Western (6:25)
9 Where Whitie Ain't Allowed (3:54)
10 Press Escape (5:01)
11 Laugh At Yourself (3:37)
12 Surf Western (3:17)
13 Panic In Needle Park (6:55)