Achillea [2005] - The Nine Worlds

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Achillea [2005] - The Nine Worlds

Achillea [2005] - The Nine Worlds
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My opinion:
An excellent CD, very moody and ethereal. If you like Enigma, you will certainly enjoy this one. The music flows well, so it's perfect for an energy class or meditation.

From co-producer of the multi-platinum group Enigma, Jens Gad, comes a new sophisticated chill-out journey. Joined by the entrancing classical vocals of Helene Horlyck, they co-create a spellbinding downtempo odyssey into ancient Nordic mythology.

Achillea blends slow sensuous grooves, European dance electronica, delicately bluesy guitar playing and smooth silky vocals, full of peace and beauty that will nourish your soul.

Highly praised co-producer and guitarist of the multi-platinum group Enigma, Jens Gad brings you a spellbinding downtempo musical odyssey into the ancient mythology of his Scandinavian homeland. He is joined by the entrancing classical vocals of Helene Horlyck, to co-create a sophisticated and hypnotic chill-out journey through The Nine Worlds of archaic legend.

Achillea [2005] - The Nine Worlds

This album much more interesting than last work by Enigma - "Voyageur". Problem is that artwork (picture by Lawrence Alma-Tadema, XIXth cent.) and titles here are more interesting than music itself.
Album is devoted to Scandinavian heritage, legends (Edda) and to Vikings. Thank Jens (!!!) for track "Staraya Ladoga" (Old Ladoga; Ladoga is the lake in the Northern Russia) - it`s name of the city. It was probably the first capital of Ancient Rus (Russia) in 8-9th. cent. AD. Because of this title (and good reviews on this page) I bought the album.

Good meditative guitar playing and melancholic singing in style of Sarah Brightman or Emma Shapplin, in some tracks (The Monks of Lindisfarne) - Enigma`s trademark sound - samples of Gregorian chants. Very impressive track - "Othila - The Rune Masters".

But without Michel Cretu on keyboards… So good guitar playing and singing are weaven over mainly repetitive loops and grooves. Because of it melodies are predictable and you could loose interest to the music.
So your impression of this album depends on your mood. If you`d like to hear a kind of early Enigma sound mixed with the Brightman-like singing, long guitar solos and with heavier beats - buy it. It`s interesting, but there`s no revelations. We had heard it all before.
Let`s hope that next album by Enigma would be much better… This album shows that there`s a space to develop this concept.
Reviewer: Sergey Lenkov "Serge" (Russia)

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