12 Girls Band: Eastern Energy (2004)

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12 Girls Band: Eastern Energy (2004)

12 Girls Band: Eastern Energy (2004)
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After hearing EASTERN ENERGY several times I found quite a few aspects to like, while a few areas left a bit to be desired. Yet the latter should be weighted against the fact that this is their debut USA release and as such there's lots of time for them to reach their potential with music of greater artistic impact. I'm not really into new age music, but I do recognize that there is an audience out there that is emotively impacted by this genre. And despite it not being my normal listening fare, I do feel an emotive connection with a fair amount of the material on EASTERN ENERGY.

Track listing
1. Miracle
2. Clocks
3. Liu San Jie
4. Earthly Stars (Unsung Heroes)
5. Freedom
6. Shangri-La
7. Reel Around The Sun
8. A Girl's Dream
9. Forbidden City
10. The Great Valley
11. Alamuhan
12. Mountains And Rivers
13. Only Time
14. New Classicism

No cheesey musak in a Chinese restaurant here. This is exotic stuff. Oh, by the way, the women on the front cover and the instruments they're holding are as follows:

1. Kun (pipa)
2. Yuan (dizi)
3. Jian-Nan (gu zheng)
4. Bao (pipa)
5. Yan (erhu)
6. Jing Jing (gu zheng)
7. Li Jun (erhu)
8. Ying (erhu)
9. Song Mei (guzheng)
10. Ting (erhu)
11. Bin Qu (dizi)
12. Shuang (pipa)


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