L.V. Beethoven: Symphonien No. 9 - Herbert von Karajan (DG 1963)

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L.V. Beethoven: Symphonien No. 9 - Herbert von Karajan (DG 1963)

L.V. Beethoven: Symphonien No. 9 - Herbert von Karajan
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An inspiring journey, culminating in the ''Ode to Joy''.

Beethoven's Ninth is justly famous for its setting of Schiller's ''Ode to Joy'' in its final movement, but what many people don't realize is that there are forty minutes of glorious music before the final movement even begins. The first movement begins in the musical equivalent of a mist, which gradually lifts to reveal the full splendor of the orchestra. The astute listener can even hear a preview of the ''Ode to Joy'' melody in the second theme. The second movement features a catchy melody that is passed back and forth between the different instruments, while the third movement contains some of Beethoven's most exquisite slow music. As the fourth movement begins, the orchestra plays brief reprises of the first three movements, only to reject them in favor of the famous ''Ode to Joy'' theme. Beethoven was a master of conveying emotion in his music; by the end of the Ode, you will truly believe that ''All creatures drink of joy'' .
For a first taste of Beethoven's Ninth, we recommend either Herbert von Karajan's 1962 recording (with Janowitz, Rössl-Majdan, Kmentt, Berry, pictured above), in which the orchestra conveys a rare intensity and depth of feeling, or his 1977 version (with Tomina-Sintow, Baltsa, Schreier, van Dam), in which the singing is noticeably better but the orchestra doesn't quite reach the same level. Another fine choice is Wilhelm Furtwängler's 1951 recording at the Bayreuth Festival (with Schwarzkopf, Höngen, Hopf, Edelmann), which is arguably the finest performance on record, but is limited somewhat by the recording technology of fifty years ago. Finally, for those who wish to hear the Ninth as (we think) the composer intended, John Eliot Gardiner conducts a compelling performance (with Orgonasova, von Otter, Rolfe Johnson, Cachemaille) using instruments and performance techniques of Beethoven's time.

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L.V. Beethoven: Symphonien No. 9 - Herbert 			  		 	 	  		 	    	 			   			     		   	  	 			   		 			  		  		  	 			   		  	 			 von Karajan (DG 1963)