Franz Joseph Haydn - A 'Project Climax' Subcategory - 11 CDs

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Franz Joseph Haydn - A 'Project Climax' Subcategory - 11 CDs

Franz Joseph Haydn (1732-1809)
Haydn is, with Mozart and Beethoven, one of the three masters of the Viennese Classical style. Haydn is known as the "Father of the Symphony" and the "Father of the String Quartet" for his immense contributions to the development of those two genres, but he also composed operas, concertos, keyboard sonatas and trios, masses, and songs. His music displays grace and elegance and is marked throughout by an abundance of wit. Haydn knew better than anyone else how to use silence for dramatic (and sometimes melodramatic) effect, and his music is full of amusing surprises. Haydn's music was immensely popular in the composer's day and has never since fallen out of favor.

Haydn had some formal music training, but until the age of thirty he made his way in Vienna as a freelance musician and teacher. In 1761 he entered the service of Prince Paul Anton Esterházy, head of a wealthy and powerful Hungarian family. Haydn spent nearly thirty years at the Esterházy court, where he composed symphonies, operas, and chamber music for the Prince's musicians. In the 1780s and 1790s Haydn expanded his horizons, traveling to Paris and making two immensely popular visits to London. In the late 1790s Haydn returned to the Esterházy estate, where his duties were light. During these last years his focus shifted from secular to religious and from sacred to choral. Haydn's health began to decline around 1800, and he was forced to stop composing in 1803. He died quietly in Vienna in 1809, just after Napoleon's armies had captured the city.

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Franz Joseph Haydn - A 'Project Climax' Subcategory - 11 CDs
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01 - London Symphonies ''Vol. One'' - Hickox & Collegium Musicum 90 (Chandos 2000)

02 - Mass No. 11 in D minor ''Lord Nelson Mass'' - Krause, Davis, David Willcocks & LSO (Decca 2000)

03 - String Quartets Op. 76 Nos. 1-6 - The Lindsays (ASV 2000) 2 CDs

04 - Symphony No. 45 in F-sharp minor ''Farewell'' - Roy Goodman & Hanover Band (Hyperion 2002)

05 - Die Schöpfung - Fischer-Dieskau, Karajan & Berliner Philharmoniker (DG 1998) 2 CDs

06 - The London Symphonies, Vol. 2 - Sir Colin Davis (Philips 1994) 2 CDs

07 - String Quartets, Op. 33 Nos. 3, 5, 6 - Gregor-Smith & Lindsay String Quartet (ASV 1996)

08 - Piano Sonatas Nos. 32, 33, 53, 54 & 58- András Schiff (Teldec 1999) 2 CDs

09 - Three Favorite Concertos for Cello, Violin & Trumpet - Yo-Yo Ma, Marsalis, Lin (Sony 2003)

10 - The 'Paris' Symphonies (82, 83, 84) - Antal Doráti & Philharmonia Hungarica (Decca 1996) 2 CDs

11 - The Last 4 Piano Trios - Robert Levin, Vera Beths, Anner Bylsma (Sony 1993)