Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart - A 'Project Climax' Subcategory - 13 CDs

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Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart - A 'Project Climax' Subcategory - 13 CDs

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (1756-1791)
Mozart is considered the peak of the "Viennese Classical" style. His exposure to opera shows up in the abundant melodies in all of his works; it is not unusual for a single movement to incroporate a dozen distinct tunes. He was a master of improvisation, and even his most carefully crafted works retain an air of spontaneity. He mastered all of the forms of his time, including symphony, concerto, chamber music, and opera, and since his death his music has never fallen out of popularity. Of the more than six hundred works Mozart composed it is difficult to choose only ten. Our list below offers a sampling of great pieces for ten different types of ensembles, and we encourage you to explore further in the forms you enjoy the most.

Mozart was born into a musical family in Salzburg, Austria and was quickly recognized as a child prodigy. By the age of six he was playing piano and violin at nearly professional levels and had begun to compose music as well. Taken on tours of Europe by his father Leopold, he absorbed all of the different types of music to be heard on the continent and synthesized them into his own works. In 1781, he left Salzburg for the Austrian capital of Vienna where he made his living teaching, performing, and publishing music. He was briefly appointed to the court of Austrian Emperor Joseph II, but he lost his post when the Emperor died in 1790. Mozart continued composing prolifically right up until his final illness, and we can only speculate on the masterpieces he would have composed had he lived past the age of 36.

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Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart - A 'Project Climax' Subcategory - 13 CDs
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01 - Great Piano Concertos Nos. 20, 21, 23, 24 & 25 - Vladimir Ashkenazy (Decca 1997) 2 CDs

02 - Symphonien Nos. 35-41 - Karl Böhm & Berliner Philharmoniker (DG 1996) 2 CDs

03 - Requiem KV 626, Kyrie KV 341 - Bonney, Otter, Gardiner & Monteverdi Choir (Philips 1990)

04 - String Quartets Nos. 14-23 - Gerhard Schulz & Alban Berg Quartet (Teldec 1994) 5 CDs

05 - Don Giovanni - Carlo Maria Giulini & Philharmonia Orchestra and Chorus (EMI 2002) 3 CDs

06 - Symphony No. 41, Clarinet Concerto K. 622 - Jack Brymer, Thomas Beecham & RPO (EMI 2001)

07 - Eine kleine Nachtmusik - Bruno Walter & Columbia Symphony Orchestra (Sony 1990)

08 - Die Zauberflöte - Böhm & Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra (DG 1997) 2 CDs

09 - Clarinet, Horn & Oboe Quintets - Pay, Vigay, St Martin in the Fields CE (Philips 1989)

10 - Sinfonia Concertante K.364, Concertone K.190 - Perlman, Zukerman (DG 1990)

11 - Piano Sonatas - Mitsuko Uchida (Philips 2003) 5 CDs

12 - Piano Concertos: No. 23 & 24 - Richard Goode & Orpheus Chamber Orchestra (Nonesuch 1999)

13 - Complete Mozart Edition Vol 24 - Lieder & Notturni (Philips 1990) 2 CDs