Ali Akbar Khan presents LEGACY: 16th - 18th Century Music of India

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Legacy: 16th-18th Century Music from India (Indian Classical)
MP3 192 Kbps | March 3, 1996 | Label: Ammp Records | 99.4 Mb
Genre: Classical | Styles: Hindustani Classical Music
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For every style of music, there are its rough-and-ready folk practitioners, and then there are its popularizers. Think Linda Ronstadt singing Mexican rancheras, Paul Simon reinterpreting Township jive, or Ry Cooder sidling up to just about any world music tradition he feels like. This phenomenon is not limited to American artists. Two of India's biggest stars, sarod master Ali Akbar Khan and movie "playback" singer Asha Bhosle, join forces on what's the most easily digestible piece of centuries-old music you're liable to find. Based on 16th-century sacred chants rarely performed, the music on LEGACY is impeccably performed and of a bite-sized nature that's easy on Western ears. Bhosle, the grand dame of Indian film music, is not trained in the classical tradition, and her lack of gravitas aids in the user-friendly aspect of LEGACY. Every bit as rigorous and authentic as a hushed field recording, this disc makes a wonderful start to a lifelong infatuation with the majestic tones of India.
Mark Schwartz

1. Guru Bandana (Prayer) 5:33
2. Hori in Kukubh Bilawal 6:25
3. Tarana in Adana 2:23
4. Tarana in Bhimpalasri 8:21
5. Kheyal in Gour Sarang 7:17
6. Dhrupad in Sankara Bharan 10:48
7. Sadra in Sankara Karan 6:45
8. Tarana in Mian Ki Malhar 5:00
9. Tarana in Bhimpalasri 7:12
10. Tarana in Bhupali 3:58
11. Hori in Bhairavi 7:21
12. Prayer in Bhairavi 2:56

This is one album I have loved for a long time now. Am sharing it in the hope that it brings delight and joy to others too!