Moby "Ambient"

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Moby "Ambient" (1993)

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Как я вижу, посты востребованы, поэтому продолжаем.
Первый тут: Moby "Holel" (2005) - 2 CD
Второй тут: Moby "Moby" (1992)

На этот раз третьим постом будет второй его альбом.

Sure, we all know that Moby can drop a beat like he was the house DJ at the funkiest warehouse party this side of the South Bronx. But that's not all the Evil Little Ninja (which along with Voodoo Child is one of Richard Melville Hall's many aliases) can do. For within Moby there exists a classic dichotomy; on one hand, there's Moby the rock-the-house DJ, and on the other hand there's a quiet and meditative musician. AMBIENT is a collection of some of the most beautiful atmospheric music one can hear this side of early Brian Eno (who, along with Kraftwerk, is a clearly a formative influence). Moby, a frequent contributor to various soundtracks (see also I LIKE TO SCORE, a collection of his soundtrack contributions) seems to be writing soundtracks this time for the movies in his head. And what soundtracks they are! "My Beautiful Blue Sky" is the perfect soundtrack to the long lost sequel to 2001, while "Heaven" could be the background to a cheerier BLADE RUNNER. AMBIENT is a meditative flip side to Moby's usual party and perfect for mellowing out to after dancing.

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Tracks 1..3 | 26.5 Mb
1. My Beautiful Blue Sky
2. Heaven
3. Tongues

Tracks 4..9 | 26.5 Mb
4. J Breas
5. Myopia
6. House of Blue Leaves
7. Bad Days
8. Piano & String
9. Sound

Tracks 10..12 | 18.7 Mb
10. Dog
11. 80
12. Lean on Me

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