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AvaxHome Music Community Publication Guideline

Posted By: Bully
This is just a first raw, unstructured version of some main points. Please feel free to discuss.. Any suggestions, additions, and even complaints are welcome. The AvaxHome Music Community is a great TEAM of people from all over the world - different cultures, different views, but one aim: to be the BEST Music Community.

You may say I'm a dreamer
But I'm not the only one
I hope someday you'll join us
And the world will be as one

John Lennon

Latest news


New teamproject: Tangerine Dream

After some delays finding a projectleader, Joz (TNX again Joz!) agreed to handle the project. The project page is online and many albums are already added. Don't miss it - bookmark this link:

AvaxHome Music Community Publication Guideline



PLEASE read this page AND the comments written by your AvaxHome moderators. Many publishers of music are a part of the discussed horror.


New project: Mastermix Classic Cuts - 100 CD set uploaded by a single user!

Many of us remember the days when a single user called Alejx007 was crazy enough to upload 38 Kuschelrock CDs all by himself. OK, it's time now to break Alejx's record :-)

Peetje offered to upload the full 100 CD set of Classic Cuts!

This will be the largest full set ever uploaded for AvaxHome so far. And I repeat: Uploaded by one single user! About 10 GB of music!

The first 10 CDs are out and wait for your downlods here:

It would be great if some users can create mirrors and reuploads when the original files are deleted.


New teamproject: Mobile Fidelity Sound Labs

After a short delay - yep, Alejx isn't the fastest, hehe - the new project finally was started. The other 2 projects are delayed a bit for this special one. For details contact Alejx007 or visit the teampage (link below)

AvaxHome Music Community Publication Guideline

No loosless… no… just the original release… Unbelievable sound quality…

Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab

Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab (MFSL, or "MoFi") is a company that produces audiophile releases of classic CDs and vinyl records. Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab releases are highly desirable due to their attention to detail concerning the audio mastering process….


New service started: Requests for Music

Today we started a new service where users can place requests for music. Please have a regular look on this page to see if you can help: AMC Requests for Music

New teamprojects soon: Tangerine Dream & Rick Wakeman

Our new "monster" :-) just released his plans for the next teamprojects by publishing his lists of available albums for Tangerine Dream and Rick Wakeman. You can find details in the comments of the Camel Teamproject page


Bitrates - Quo vadis?

Yesterday mornig I had to mark with red color an upload of a well known uploader, becasue he wrote "mp3pro". After wondering why 32 minutes of 96 kbps have a size of almost 70 MB, I asked him to check again if this is really mp3"pro" :-)

We also had an upload labeled as 320 kbps. Filesize: 47 MB. And as first people conmfirm in the comments, the files are 128 kbps.

Please, give correct information in your publications.
And somehow I have a strange feeling that those problems will increase with separate sub-categories for lo-fi and HQ :-)

And finally a positive news:

Tonylevrai, well known :-) for his mp3pro uploads, is out today with a new publication at 320 kbps! Congratulations Tony!


New teamproject started: Camel

After the success of the old Santana and Cohen projects, a new teamproject was started today: Camel. The first 4 albums are up, all in excellent quality. If you can contribute, please join the teampage! This time Alejx007 will manage the project, so please talk directly to him and follow his advices. Besides all the experience he gathered taking part in the former projects, he was first on my mind related to Camel :-))

Refused publications

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE Read the FAQ! Read this addon. PLEASE!!!

I just saw a publication in the refused list one of our fine moderators had refused with only the words "Read FAQ", no more helpful details. So I checked the publication itself. And yes, "Read FAQ" is also what comes to my mind. Here is the complete publication:

––- start of publication ––-

Title: ezgiler

full promote area:


full news area:


––- end of publication ––-

The "xxxxx" had been done by me to keep publishers privacy. Perhaps it is better to spare any comment by myself.

AMC Users Guide

As this guide is mainly about topics for publishers, we also need a guide for users. during the next days I will create a framework for it, but in no way do I have enough time to write everything myself. In other words: YOUR help is needed. Everyone can contribute by writing small or larger articles which I will put together inside the publication. There are endless topics: About fileformats, about players, about unpacking files, about handling Rapidsahre :-), about handling uploaders and publishers :-)) and so on.

At the end of this Users Guide I will also include a "Fun Section". It will be a new home for some of the great fun which can be found browsing old publications. It will inlcude some great quotes and some great pictures. If you remember such highlights, please PM the urls to me.

I also think about an "Uploader/publisher Section" in front of the fun section. As users have learned that behind every download they click there is a real person working hard for them, it might be no bad idea if some of our famous uploders write a few lines about themselves. Plese think about security, so do not write where your live or what your real name is :-)


<span style="color:#ffffff">_IMPORTANT_</span>

The (first version, hehe) of the AvaxHome 3.0 User's Guide (= FAQ =Rules) is out. Both in Russian and English language. PLEASE click here: and read it!!

As someone tries to tell you over and over that bitrate is mandatory, it is now also checked by modrators! Since today (March 10th 2006) you can see some publications refused because of missing bitrate information. Some examples:

Apr 10, 2006 - Simply Red - It's Only Love - Author: ***
Refusing reason:
Please, specify Bitrate! Plz, plz!
refused by: Avax

Apr 10, 2006 - V.A. - Love On The Rock - Author: ****
Refusing reason:
Please, specify Bitrate!
refused by: Avax

Apr 10, 2006 - Special Love And Romantic Songs - Author: ****
Refusing reason:
Oops! Bitrate?
refused by: Avax

OK, just to remind you: If a publication is refused, just follow the moerator's words of wisdom and EDIT your publication. There is no need to create a new one! Just edit it. Check "My news"!!

As some of you might have noticed, one of the moerators spent much time in re-editing some publications. Removing links or duplicate text from promote area, fixing unclosed tags, copying bitrate information from last line of news area to promote area and so on. PLEASE do not trust on this re-editing! Try do it correct by yourself. PLEASE use the PREVIEW button before storing your publication!

BTW, a good collection of useful tools can be found here:
MP3 Collector's Pack by Hanumanz

And don't miss this one (written by Sunsponge)
AvaxHome 3.0 Help F.A.Q. for submitting news

Doing a good rip and upload is one part, doing a good publication is another part. :-)

Since the first days of AvaxHome there are some rules for publications. You can find them in the FAQ (new versions will soon be available, both in Russian and English language). These rules are not to torture you :-) all of them make sense if you think about them.

Let me sum up the most important rules for music publishers:

1. Use SEARCH ENGINE before you publish. It really makes no sense to publish the same album again and again. Exception: If the download links of the former publication are no longer valid. In such a case, please clearly mark the new upload as REUPLOAD or similar.

2. Give the needed INFORMATION full and at the place where they belong.
The old FAQ had many samples how the header of a publication should look. If uploaders keep to same style, it is much easier for all of us to browse through many new publications. The usual style for music uploads is:

<artist> - <album> (<year>)
<picture of cover>
(repeat of title line / additional important info)
<genre> | <filetype> <bitrate> | <filesize>

On the real page of your publication you can give any information you like, you can include biography and/or album review and/or additional pictures. I wrote: CAN. The only mandatory information: The tracklist. And the download links, of course :-)

3. The URI of your publication
With each publication you create, you have tto chose an URI for it. The URI is a string which is used by the database to handle your publication. It has to be unique! It also should make sense. If you upload a Zappa album, do not use "music" or "zappa" or "yxz123" for it! Everyone will see your URI, because it will be part of the URL to your publication. A good URI would look somehow like "frank_zappa_hot_rats".

4. If you publish links of files you did not upload yourself, do an own download first to check that the links are OK. Unpack the files and check that the files are OK. It eally makes no sense to do a publication but to have no answer for the correct password :-)

5. Please check your files before upload. If an album has 13 tracks, your upload should also include 13 tracks. Please LISTEN to the files. If there are dropouts, jitter or similiar problems, please think at least twice before uploading them.

6. Encrypt archives & password
It really helps to keep your files longer available for download if you encrypt them. The password should be the default password of AvaxHome, which still is www.AvaxHome.ru. If you upload your files exclusive for AvaxHome, you should have no problem with that. Exception: If you publish your files on different boards besides AvaxHome, it is OK to use your own password. If possible, stay to that password.

OK, this should be enough for the next days. :-) When the new FAQs are out, there will be a special add-on for the AvaxHome Music Community. Most parts of it will be suggestions, no iron rules, just things many of our famous uploaders are doing with each of their publications since ages. :-)

No matter that the main aim is to increase quality, there will be no censorship. If people want to upload 128 kbps files, they of course can do. If people want to upload so called mp3"pro" (96 kbps 22 khz) trash, they can do. But as AvaxHome rules clearly state: Mentioning the bitrate on top of publication is mandatory.