AMETHYSTIUM - 3 Albums + 1 Ep

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AMETHYSTIUM - 3 Full Albums + 1 Ep
Ambient Chill-out - Mp3 - Various bitrates

"Much like the fantastic worlds that fill human mythology and literature, Amethystium is brimming with wonder and gorgeous splendor. I dare not make the attempt to classify Ramfjord's work into specifics, but I will say that Evermind is the most emotional and thought provoking New Age release of 2004. The soaring heights of the album's cinematic soundscapes are paired with the intelligent electronics and synthetic artistry that ties the entire trilogy together."
- (Evermind review)

A few days ago шинкарев gave us a wonderful post of Amethystium's last 2 albums (Aphelion & Evermind) as well as a link to zandor's post of Odonata. The post was in russian & no picture so some of you may have missed it. Also the file-hoster was unbelievably slow at peak times. This Norwegian ambient music is so wonderful that I decided it needed the attention of all us ignorant people who don't understand a word of Russian & those who have to have a picture to get interested: so I've re-uploaded the 3 albums & an EP from 2000 to Rapidshare for you all to enjoy.
My thanks must 1st go to Amethystium himself for the music & then to шинкарев & zandor for introducing me to it.


Aphelion (2003) - 192KBps - mp3 - 81MB (47+33)
Evermind (2004) - 256KBps - mp3 - 97MB (38+38+20)
Odonata (2001) - 128Kbps - mp3 - 56MB (38+17)
Autumn Interlude (2000 EP) - 256KBps - mp3 - 43MB


Aphelion - (2003) :

Evermind - (2004) :

Odonata - (2001) :

Autumn Interlude :

PASSWORD: Thanks шинкарев & zandor

If anyone has these at 320 or better please..........