Anathema - Judgement

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Anathema - Judgement

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Reviewer: Angryguntotingmeateater "Destroyer of all that you've come to love" (Colorado Springs, Colorado United States) -Anathema, and this album in particular, were recommended to me in a random conversation in a chatroom about a month ago. I was told, based on my muscial tastes, that this was an album I simply had to own and that it "even brings metalheads to tears." This I had to see. I ordered the CD that night and got it in the mail a few days later. I have to confess that my resistance to the idea of an album that could make metalheads weep like sissies probably contributed to my relative indifference to this CD at first. While I thought the melodies and overall musicianship were good for a nice mellow drive in the mountains, I have to say that there was nothing on this album that would make me sob like a girl.

I own over 800 CD's from all different genres. I've come to a point where I rarely pay attention to the lyrics in a song unless it's really catchy. Such was the case with Judgement. Nothing had really caught my ear. About a week after buying "Judgement," I was driving home from work when "One Last Goodbye" played. I felt a little spark. By the end of "Parisienne Moonlight," I had to pull over. For one reason or another, I'd actually listened to the lyrics, and it brought back a flood of memories. Every girl I'd ever loved and lost, every girl I'd loved and never told. All the things I should have said or done came flooding back like a maelstrom of pain and sorrow. No song or album has ever done that.

Since then, I've paid more attention to the album in its entirety. While I still think the aforementioned tracks are still my favorites, the emotional depth and impact of this album is undeniable. This is music with which everyone on earth can identify. The mood each song sets, the feelings described in the lyrics, and the emotions ellicited by the album overall are universal and undeniable; we've all felt them. I don't think it matters what genre of music you like. It would be a mistake not to check out this album.