Anggun: Luminescence (2005)

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Anggun: Luminescence (2005)
Genre: World Music/Pop | Rapidshare | 192kbps MP3 | approx. 100MB

With each new release Anggun (pronounced un-goon) gets better and better. This is the English version of her French release of the album of the same name. She co-wrote all tracks in both English and French, which is amazing. This CD is hard to categorize. It's pop with rock influences. There are plenty of ballads but my favorite tracks are the up tempo "In Your Mind" which has a funky Eastern Indian vibe and wild percussion, and the very pop-radio sounding "Devil In My Mind" which is just a great fun song. The single "Undress Me" and "Savior" are also great, with "Savior" having a great rock vibe. My other favorite track is "Evil & Angel" which is a mid-tempo Alanis-esque intropsective type song.

If you like exploring new types of music and especially world music, I highly recommend this album and Anggun. This album doesn't really have a vibe that I totally would put in the "world" music category, it's pop. But there is an Eastern Indian vibe on a few track and overall, as with all of Anggun's music, she borrows from all genres.

The CD contains several bonus tracks including an extended version and Indian remix of "In Your Mind", as well as several different versions of the Indonesian language version of "Savior" called "Mantra".

Track List
01. In Your Mind
02. Undress Me
03. Evil And Angel
04. Breathe In Water
05. Saviour
06. Surrender
07. Captivity
08. Cover
09. Something Sublime
10. Devil In My Mind
11. Painted
12. Human
13. Go
14. Mantra (Single Version)
15. Mantra (A Capella Version)
16. Mantra (Instrumental)
17. In Your Mind (Indian Remix)
18. In Your Mind (FBcool Extended Club Mix)

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