Annie - Anniemal (2005)

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Annie - Anniemal (2005)

Annie - Anniemal (2005)
MP3 320 Kbps | 2005 | Label: Big Beat / Ada | 98 Mb
Genre: Electronic, Pop

Norwegian singer/songwriter Annie (Anne Lilia Berge Strand) makes her full-length debut with what must surely be the year's sunniest album. Not since the days of The Tom Tom Club, Bananarama, and "Lucky Star"-era Madonna, has dance-pop been this fun, this bouncy, this unabashedly optimistic (1999 single "Greatest Hit" even samples the latter's "Everybody"). So don't say you haven't been warned: Anniemal is a pretension-free zone. With its "Oh no, oh no / You've got it all wrong / You think you're chocolate / But you're chewing gum" refrain, 2004's insanely addictive single "Chewing Gum" is the jewel in this sparkling crown. The R2D2-like bloops and bleeps and Annie's sweet "ah-ah-ahs" and "la-la-las" just make it shine all the brighter. Hippie-disco extravaganza "Come Together," which tops the seven-minute mark, is another standout, while the sentimental "My Best Friend" is, arguably, the only clunker on one of 2005's most notable releases.
1. Intro
2. Chewing Gum
3. Always Too Late
4. Me Plus One
5. Heartbeat
6. Helpless Fool for Love
7. Anniemal
8. No Easy Love
9. Happy Without You
10. Greatest Hit
11. Come Together
12. My Best Friend