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Apocalyptica - Reflections

Posted By: kocas

Apocalyptica - Reflections
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This is a great album of apocalyptica, and it features the drum legend Dave Lombardo, the drummer who is best known for his works with the trash metal band slayer. Idea of using drums behind cellos might sound weird especially if you heard apocalyptica's other recordings, but the outcome is great when the drummer is Lombardo. Not that "unbearably heavy" recording as one may undoubtedly expect, it is just the spot!...

Reviewer: Ken Pierce "KennyPierce - Metal Reporter" (Brooklyn,, NY USA) - See all my reviews

The idea of a Metal band having a cellist is odd enough but when you add two more you are left with the wondrous creation that is the group Apocalyptica. This band clearly have taken traditional barriers and shattered the accepted with something completely out of left field. Mixing classical instruments with heavy music is not something that has never been done before (see the Metallica S&M as well as KISS Symphony releases for examples of that). Now while those were appealing in their own unique ways, the Apocalyptica music is new creations entirely. As I listened to this skillful blending of classical instrumentation along with rock solid riffing I was wondering if I was listening to Metal at all. Instead I wondered if perhaps a new breed of Progressive Music was upon us. At fear I would leave something out, I decided to settle on this being a little bit of both. In any case it is a welcome addition to the fold. With Progressive music there are often many classical inferences, what better way to showcase them than with actually classically trained musicians who also are lovers of Metal and things heavy.

Track Listing:
1. Prologue (Apprehension) - Apocalyptica, Dave Lombardo
2. No Education - Apocalyptica, Dave Lombardo
3. Faraway
4. Somewhere Around Nothing - Apocalyptica, Dave Lombardo
5. Drive
6. Cohkka
7. Conclusion
8. Resurrection - Apocalyptica, Dave Lombardo
9. Heat
10. Cortege - Apocalyptica, Dave Lombardo
11. Pandemonium
12. Toreador II
13. Epilogue (Relief)