Armik [2002] - Rosas Del Amor (lossless)

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Armik [2002] - Rosas Del Amor (lossless)

Armik - Rosas Del Amor
Style: Flamenco | Label: Baja | 2002 | FLAC | 419 Mb | mp3 (CBR 320kbps) | 118 Mb | 0:57:32

Armik is a virtuoso guitarist whose unique style has been described as "Latin-gypsy-jazz".
His six successful albums "Rain Dancer", "Gypsy Flame", "Rubia", "Malaga", "Isla del Sol" and now, "Rosas del Amor" have set new standards for "New- Flamenco" music. All six albums have been on the Billboard charts in the New Age and World music categories as best selling albums.
Building on his legacy of excellence & invention Armik has produced and arranged all of his albums. "Every song is played in one take," the guitarist says proudly. A lot of times musicians will punch-in and overdub the parts, but I am totally against that. You lose the emotion and feeling when you work that way, and emotion is very important to me and my music".
Armik is of Armenian descent living in Southern California. At the age of seven he became so enamored with classical guitar that he pawned his watch for one. He hid the instrument in the basement of his house, when he practiced unbeknownst to his family.
By the time his mother made the discovery, Armik was exhibiting a prodigious talent for music and the family began paying for his lessons. Determined to complete his formal training in record time, the guitarist completed the "Rudolf Solphege" instructional regimen in two years. At the age of 12 he was a professional recording musician. He started as Jazz professional and continued in that format for approximately 10 years.
Armik traveled frequently to Spain to play and study with various classical and flamenco musicians. Armik became an ardent student of Spanish folk music.
Armik moved to Los Angeles in 1981, where he currently resides.
Rosas del Amor, (roses of love) is Armik's sixth and latest release. Twelve original songs tell the stories of love, passion, happiness and sometimes sorrow, simply life! Armik used twelve of his finest guitars from his collection of many. In Rosas del Amor, Armik showcases his masterful flamenco style. He has followed his heart to Spain and has combined the traditional flamenco with his own unique style and touch.

01 - Lovers in Madrid
02 - Lagrimas De Guitarra
03 - Costa Brava
04 - Sweet Felipe
05 - Alegria
06 - Midnight in Barcelona
07 - Intro to Rosas Del Amor
08 - Rosas Del Amor
09 - La Gitana
10 - Caribbean Rain
11 - Primavera
12 - Soledad

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