ARMIK : Piano Nights : 2004 : CBR-192KBps

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Piano Nights is Armik's first ever piano project. It is a deft treatment of ten original songs that spotlight his ability to devise amazing piano melodies to accompany his internationally renowned guitar virtuosity. The title track is a bossa nova that has the feeling of choreography by being both lyrical and catering to the dancing impulse. Armik layers the moods throughout this excellent set with beautiful solos and his flair for fusing emotional melodic fragments with intense rhythmic timing.

The music is nice... and yes, it is Armik!
Ripped by WinAmp, CBR-192KBps, quality setting - Very High.

Track Listing:
01. Piano Nights
02. Red Roses
03. Caliente
04. Afternoon In Venice
05. Flames of Passion
06. Fairytale Moon
07. Thinking Of You
08. Rossa Nova
09. Rainy Sundays
10. Dreams

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