Aruna Sayeeram / Chant Karnatique-Karnatic Songs

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Aruna Sayeeram, Chant Karnatique-Karnatic Songs

What is Carnatic Music? It is the classical music of Southern India. The basic form is a monophonic song with improvised variations. There are 72 basic scales on the octave, and a rich variety of melodic motion. Both melodic and rhythmic structures are varied and compelling. This is one of the world's oldest and richest musical traditions.

1.Ganesha Stuti: Srivighna Rajam Bhaje
2.Kriti: Siva, Siva, Siva
3.Kirtanam: Î Vela Nannu Brovara
4.Kriti: Teliyaleru Rama
5.Kriti: Samaja Vara Gamana
6.Kavadichindu: Kannam Varuginra

Brief translation:

1. Ganesha Stuti: Srivighna Rajam Bhaje:
Here the composer invokes the protection of the God Ganesha.

"Praised be Vighna Raja, he who removes obstacles. He who pushes back darkness and the rocks which blook the way of the concentration and of the realization of what one is given as an aim. May I think of you forever?
Oh Lord before whom the great wise men and saints bow their heads.
Oh Lord who arts the personification of the highest philosophy Tat Tvam Asi."

2.Kriti: Siva, Siva, Siva:
The title of this composition is an expression of appeasement which is said to banish anguish.

"Why not sing the name of Siva and undo the fears and evils of this world?
Can we not got away from the desire for material things and from ignorance? Can we not offer up the sacred leaves of the tree Bilva to Siva and sing his name?
Can we not recite the Vedas, get rid of empty words, seek the company of pious men and sing Siva, Siva, Siva?"

3.Kirtanam: Î Vela Nannu Brovara:
"Oh Krishna, it is now time for you to come and bless me.
Did we not play together as children?
Have you not come, my dear friend, as a protecting parent?
Oh Krishna, bless this Ramadasa from Bhadrachala with all your love and all your compassion."

4.Kriti: Teliyaleru Rama:
This composition adopts a serious and sombre tone. It is dedicated to Rama (Rama is the reincarnation of Vishnu, God of preservation).

"Why must we wander hither and thither and become anguished, without knowing which is the good way of devotion to Rama?
Why do people assume the appearance of man of worth, wake up and bathe early in the morning, cover their bodies with sacred ashes, sing the name of Rama wiht beads between their fingers?
Why do we do that with the solo motive of earning money and will we never know the true way of devotion to Rama?"

5.Kriti: Samaja Vara Gamana:
"Oh Lord enchanter, who lights up like the light of a joyful fire on the mountain of sacred Sound (Nada) of the seven notes (Swaras), coming from inspiration (Prananva) which is the source of every Vedanta.
Oh initiate of the sweet music coming from Veda (the songs of the Vedas, intoned as psalms on seven notes).
Oh you who delight us with your playing upon the flute (Krishna) protect me.
Oh Lord with your magnificient appearance (like that of an elephant), sun who makes the lotus blossom in the heart of good people.
Oh you who transcend time."

6.Kavadichindu: Kannam Varuginra:
"It is now time for Krishna to come. The bees buzz, the cuckoo sings. I can hear his magic flute. The river murmurs with joy. My heart is drowned in the water. The bees no longer go into the jasmin but fly around Krishna, imagining that his radiant smile is a bouquet of jasmin. Is it a dream or is it real? No, my heart cannot lie. It is really my Krishna."