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Audioslave - Audioslave

Posted By: kocas

Audioslave - Audioslave 128kbps hq cbr 2 rar archives totaling 59mb no pass
I admit I was skeptical. I loved Soundgarden and I loved Rage Against the Machine, but I couldn't figure out how this combo was going to work. But it does. Cochise starts this album off with a bang - a song that grips you and doesn't let go and Chris shows that his vocals are as good as ever. The man is amazing. The album is consistent with fantastic rockers and beautiful ballads - Like a Stone and Get away Car.
I have played this over and over for years now and never tire of it.

Track List:
1. Cochise
2. Show Me How To Live
3. Gasoline
4. What You Are
5. Like A Stone
6. Set It Off
7. Shadow Of The Sun
8. I Am The Highway
9. Exploder
10. Hypnotize
11. Bring Em Back Alive
12. Light My Way
13. Getaway Car
14. The Last Remaining Light

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