Bacamarte - As Sete Cidades (1999)

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Brazilian REAL Progressive Rock - @320 - ID3 - Covers

This is NOT the best Bacamarte album, but it's a Bacamarte afterall. I Love it

Bacamarte has only 2 (and very rare) albuns. Want to complete your collection on it? Click HERE and you'll have the other (and BEST) album

(Review from
Mario Neto (Bacamarte) : Sete Cidades
Like your fusion with a bit of Latin American flavor? "Sete Cidades" by
Bacamarte' founder Mario Neto is a beautiful piece of work. Ranging from
quiet Acoustic Guitar pieces with Flutes and Violas to full on heavy fusion
all in one album.
I know nothing of Bacamarte, apparently a very well known progressive band
from South America, but this album leads me to believe there is a world of
great music hiding just under the surface of this multi talented artist.

Mario is joined on this album by Roberio Molinari who handles what seems to
be all of the percussives on the album. Mario Neto plays Guitar, Flute,
Piano, Viola, Bass Guitar and some of the Drum work.

Vocals are in Brazillian, Mario has an incredible voice. In some respects,
reminiscent of some of the best Italian vocalists (PFM's Franco Mussida
comes to mind).

This album will certainly appeal to anyone with a penchant for great
instrumentation and superb musicianship. Fusion lovers like myself will find
a refreshing sound on the album that places it somewhere in the realm of
Return To Forever and some of the more introspective Mahavishnu/John
McLaughlin albums. The vocal style is superb and the execution of the
entire album is first rate, definitely an obscure gem worth tracking down.

1. Portais
2. Ritual Da Fertilidade
3. Filhos Do Sol
4. Espritos Da Terra
5. Mirante Das Estrelas
6. Carta
7. Canto Da Esfinge

Mario Neto / acoustic and electric guitars, piano, keyboards, acoustic and electric basses, drums and percussion and perfomed the vocals
Robério Molinari / keyboards played in 5 tracks

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