Bacamarte - Depois do Fim (1983)

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Brazilian REAL Progressive Rock - 320k mp3 - Cover - ID3

It's 'just' the BEST EVER Brazilian Progressive Album ever made
You want it! You need it! You deserve it!
Download it, it's an order!! ;)

This is a Brasilian septet including Mario Neto (guitar/vocals), Sergio Villarim (keyboards), Delto Simas (bass), Marco Verrissimo (drums), Marcus Moura (flute/accordeon), Mr. Paul (percussion) and Jane Dubloc (vocals). A rich and symphonic music with wonderful keyboards and a very nice flute which enlightens the compositions full of interest and detours. A few female vocal interventions complete to enrich this great work. The band surpasses their influences: . They made two albums entitled and 'Sete Cidades' (198?). In ’95 Rarity Records released their first LP on CD with the addition of a bonustrack (from their second LP). The CD 'Depois Do Fim' is one of the highlights of the South-American progrock: a compelling blend of varied keyboards (vintage synthesizers, strings, piano, organ), skillful acoustic and electric guitar and strong Portuguese vocals. The nine compositions (four instrumental) sound warm and elaborate with many changing atmospheres. I’m mostly impressed by Mario Neto’s alternating guitarplay: from powerful and howling electric guitar to a slight Andalusian touch and classical like JOHN WILLIAMS (Sky-era) or using the tremolo-technique on the Spanish guitar (like 'Recuerdos de la Alhambra' from TARREGA).
There is NOT a CD version of this album and, off course, it's ripped from a Vinyl source. But dont worrie, it's MY personal rip that means, without any kind of humble feeling, that i'ts a PERFECT rip, remastered and in a REAL 320k bitrate. Why I am informing that's an vinyl rip so? Because it's a honest thing to do, as you can, in one or other rare moment, hear a click or two that is normal coming from an more than 20 years old Long Play. Enjoy it, if you know already this group it's a nice chance to have one of the most rare good copy. If you dont know it yet, oh my, go FAST to download it, STOP any other file on your queue because it's an orgasm in form of sound.

P.S. I dont give a sing sh!t about comments, those who complaint about the size of file or about it's being uploaded on rapidshare I dont even read, but, on this parcticular group, I would love to see here your impressions in a comment.

Track listing
1. UFO (6:26)
2. Smog Alado (4:11)
3. Miragem (4:54)
4. Pássaro De Luz (2:28)
5. Caño (1:59)
6. Último Entardecer (9:29)
7. Controvérsia (1:57)
8. Depois do Fim (6:31)
9. Mirante das Estrelas (6:11)
Total Time: 44:03

Jane Duboc - vocals
Márcus Moura - flute, accordion
Mario Neto - acoustic & electric guitars
Mr. Paul - percussion
Delto Simas - acoustic & electric basses
Marco Verissimo - drums
Sergio Villarim - keyboards

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