C.C.Catch-Back Seat Of Your Cadillac (1994)

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C.C.Catch-Back Seat Of Your Cadillac (1994)

Album Details
Date of Release: 17 January 1994
Album Duration: 65:27
Genre: Rock
Style: Dance-Pop, Disco, Euro-Pop

# Title
1 Heartbreak Hotel
2 'Cause You Are Young
3 I Can Lose My Heart Tonight
4 Good Guys Only Win In Movies
5 Little By Little
6 One Night's Not Enough
7 Back Seat Of Your Cadillac
8 Strangers By Night
9 Soul Survivor
10 Jump In My Car
11 Smokey Joe's Cafe
12 Are You Man Enough
13 Fire Of Love
14 Like A Hurrican
15 Nothing But A Heartache
16 Picture Blue Eyes