Bad News Botanists - Indignation (2020)

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Bad News Botanists - Indignation (2020)

Bad News Botanists - Indignation (2020)
WEB FLAC (tracks) ~ 255.25 Mb | 46:22 | Cover
Jazz Funk, Nu Jazz | Country: USA | Label: Bad News Botanists

The Botanists are critically acclaimed musicians that form one super spontaneous 6 - piece sensation. Brainchild and saxophonist, Frank Vitolo, brings a melting pot of styles of modern pop music, 90's grunge, hip-hop and funk, bypasses the borders of genres and pushing the boundaries of harmony. Their debut album, Venomous Nightshade, is available on every major music streaming platform. Recorded at the historic (and haunted) mansion, Robert Lang Studio and Eletrokitty Studio.

Though Bad News Botanists is cataloged as Jazz, this album sows the seeds of millennial music right into their sound. Fans have compared their music to the late years of Miles Davis (Bitches Brew, In a Silent Way) and Weather Report. After the release, they received praise from all corners of the Seattle community, including two nominations from Earshot Jazz Magazine for NW Recording of the Year and Alternative Jazz Group of the Year. They are now ready to release their sophomore album “Indignation” Oct. 9th that captures the general sentiments of today. Inspired from events of social injustice, destruction of our environment, and silencing of our voice, that conjures a blanket of unified consciousness. We want our music to transport listeners to their own memories of mass solidation and recall the collective feeling.

Track List:
1. Indignation. 8:06
2. Get It Together. 3:10
3. Duck a la Funk. 2:31
4. Mango Sticky Rice. 5:05
5. Morphine (a tribute to Mark Sandman). 3:49
6. Rip City. 5:49
7. Air Quality Index 181, Pt.1. 5:02
8. Air Quality Index 181, Pt. 2. 3:09
9. Kenny Garrett - Happy People. 7:23
10. An Optional Ending. 2:13

- Frank Vitolo | tenor saxophone
- Colin Pulkrabek | trombone
- Andy Short | guitar
- Rob Homan | keyboards, piano, synthaziers
- Marina Christopher | electric and upright bass
- Chris “Crispy” Patin | drums
- Aura Payne | vocals

Engineers by GG Reynolds of Electrokitty and Seth McDonald of Ruby Room
Mixed by GG Reynolds of Electrokitty
Mastered by Resonant Masters




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Conclusion: CDDA 100%
Signature: 6EE50807C0DB695689B7F77BA821877853DAB7B3
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