Djordje Balasevic-Panonski Mornar (The Best Of)

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Panonski Mornar (Pannonian Sailor)– The Best Of Đorđe Balašević
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Balašević is a prominent Serbian singer and songwriter for 30 years now.He has recorded 2 albums with band named Rani Mraz (Early Frost) and later 13 more albums as a solo singer.

1. Svirajte Mi Jesen Stiže Dunjo Moja (Autumn is coming,my Dunja)
2. Neki Novi Klinci (Some New Kids)
3. Priča o Vasi Ladačkom (The Story Of Vasa Ladački)
4. Život Je More (Life Is An Ocean)
5. Ne Lomite Mi Bagrenje (Don't Shatter My Locusts)
6. Odlazi Cirkus (The Circus Is Leaving)
7.Lepa Protina Kći (Priests Beautiful Daughter)
8. Blues Mutne Vode (Blues Of the Muddy Water)
9. Pesma o Jednom Petlu (Song About a Rooster)
10. Oprosti mi, Katrin (I'm Sorry,Catherine)
11. Panonski mornar (Pannonian Sailor)
12. Moja draga sad je u Japanu (My Darling Is In Japan Now)
13. Brakolomac (Marriage Breaker)
14. Boža Zvani Pub (Boža Called Pub)
15. Devojka Sa Čardaš Nogama (Girl With Chardash Legs)
16. Drago Mi Je Zbog Mog Starog (I'm Glad For My Old Man)
17. Mirka (Mirka)
18. Slovenska (Slovenian)
19. Pa, Dobro Gde Si Ti (OK,Where Are You?)

Songs of Đorđe Balašević can be divided into 3 groups:
Emotional songs (love songs and songs filled with nostalgia)
Politically engaged songs
Humoristic songs

Songs that have more than one of this characteristics are quite rare, so his songs form 3 quite disjoint sets.
Songs of the first group are marked by nostalgia and saturated in gentle moods. These are the songs he is most famous for, and which take up the best part of his concert repertoire.
His politically engaged songs deliver the message of pacifism and tolerance, so he is often "accused" of yugonostalgia. Even though he is known for his patriotism what is not so well known is that he was against the Serbian wars and was accused of being pro-Croatian and pro-Bosnian, causing anger amongst the Serbs and even threats from the government; this caused him to stop writing and performing almost completely in the '90s.

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Život Je More (Life Is An Ocean)
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