The Beach Boys - Concert + Live in London (HDCD, Upgrade 2001)

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The Beach Boys - Concert + Live in London (HDCD, Upgrade 2001)

The Beach Boys - Concert + Live In London
WV+CUE+LOG+Covers or mp3 CBR 320 | 73:02 min | 549 or 168 MB
Original Year: 1964 + 1970 / Capitol Records 2001

Cleaning up the odds and ends of the Beach Boys' '60s releases, this two-fer CD combines 2 very different recordings, 1964's THE BEACH BOYS CONCERT and 1968's LIVE IN LONDON. On BEACH BOYS CONCERT, what's remarkable is how truly fine the difficult harmonies of songs like "I Get Around" and "In My Room" sound in comparison to the boys' garage-rocking semi-mastery of their instruments; it's amazing how well they were able to recreate that vocal sound on stage. The album includes several songs that The Beach Boys regularly performed live but had not previously included on an album, such as "Papa-Oom-Mow-Mow", "The Wanderer" and "Monster Mash". "The Little Old Lady From Pasadena" was actually a Jan & Dean hit. Studio doctoring on Beach Boys Concert is very evident, from the overdubbed vocals, and the fact that the concert also featured recordings from December 1963 (also where announcer Fred Vail's introduction comes from). Most obviously, Brian Wilson used the original music tracks for both "Fun, Fun, Fun" (which was sped up) and "I Get Around", both of which had elements removed to make them appear as though they were new performances. Despite the shady circumstances surrounding its post-production (as is the case with many live albums), Beach Boys Concert is still an edgy live document and a missing link in their early discography, which captured The Beach Boys in a context that was about to change forever.

The Beach Boys - Concert + Live in London (HDCD, Upgrade 2001)

1968 was a very difficult year for The Beach Boys at home, where their reputation had soured considerably, yet their European success was still strong as evidenced by these confident performances recorded while The Beach Boys were making 20/20. Album was initially released by EMI in the UK in May 1970 (in US - in November 1976). LIVE IN LONDON is a lower-voltage affair, recorded by the group's late-'60s live lineup (Bruce Johnston subbing for the increasingly reclusive Brian Wilson, who had quit touring by then) with occasional horns and strings on more complex tunes like "God Only Knows" and a stunning a cappella take on Bobby Troup's "Their Hearts Were Full of Spring". When albums were remastered for CD in 1990 (and again in 2001), Live in London was paired with their 1964 live release Beach Boys Concert. The reissue's bonus tracks are a 1964 version of "Don't Worry Baby" that makes plain the song's debt to "Be My Baby", and a good-natured, relaxed version of the crazed semi-operetta "Heroes and Villains" recorded in Hawaii in 1967 with some different sections from the eventual SMILEY SMILE issue.

01. Fun, Fun, Fun
02. The Litlle Old Lady From Pasadena
03. Little Deuce Coupe
04. Long Tall Texan
05. In My Room
06. Monster Mash
07. Let's Go Trippin'
08. Papa-Oom-Mow-Mow
09. The Wanderer
10. Hawaii
11. Graduation Day
12. I Get Around
13. Johnny B. Goode
14. Darlin'
15. Wouldn't It Be Nice
16. Sloop John B.
17. California Girls
18. Do It Again
19. Wake The World
20. Aren't You Glad
21. Bluebirds Over The Mountains
22. Their Hearts Were Full Of Spring
23. Good Vibrations
24. God Only Knows
25. Barbara Ann
26. Don't Worry Baby [bonus track]
27. Heroes & Villains [bonus track]

Reissue produced & coordinated by Mark Linett
Beach Boys Concert recorded: 21 December 1963 and 1 August 1964 (with post-studio doctoring)
Live in London recorded in December 8, 1968

Original Release Date: October 1964 | May 1970
Re-Release Date: April 10, 2001 (1990)
Format: Digitally Remastered using HDCD technology
Label: Capitol Records
Catalog No.: 31861-2

The Beach Boys - Concert + Live in London (HDCD, Upgrade 2001)