Bebo Valdes - El Arte del Sabor - 2001

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Изумительный диск, на мой взгляд, самый удачный из созданных этим замечательным пианистом. Bebo Valdes несомненно виртуоз. Его владение инструментом вне всяких похвал. Но только техничность не принесла бы уважения, почёта и признания. Этот диск записан с любовью и великолепным чувством меры. Наслаждайтесь!

Wonderful must have for Cuban music lovers
Highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys Cuban/Latin Jazz music. I have been to a Chucho Valdes live concert and I 've been hooked ever since... Both Bebo (his father) and him are wonderful musicians.
It is a true delight!

Afro-Cuban Jazz, Jazz, Latin Jazz, Pop
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1. Lamento Cubano
2. Son de la Loma
3. El Maranon
4. Bolero Potpourri
5. Priquitin Pin Pon
6. Negro De Sociedad
7. Buche Y Pluma "Na ma"
8. El Reloj De Pastora
9. Conga Potpurri
10. Ogguere
11. Pare Cochero
12. Cumbanchero
13. Si Llego A Besarte
14. Guaracha Potpourri
15. Romance En La Habana
16. Route 66
17. Adios Panama Para Vigo Me Voy

Gentle, terrific music
This CD is like sitting on a swing on a summer day - gentle and fun. There's a lot to be savoured here. It's like a Latin lullaby.

saboring el arte del Sabor
I've been hooked on the old Cubans since I took a chance on BVSC before the hype caught on. Discovered Cachao around the time Andy Garcia found him. And have filled my CD collection with a motley assortment of winners (and a few losers.) I am convinced there are seven melodies that get recycled on every CD. And everyone has a slightly different take on it. That said, this is an incredibly satisfying disc that reflects the average 150 years of experience brought to the session by these guys. Maybe the precision of their youth is missing - but none of the passion is. There's an ease and familiarity and comfort level of old friends making their favorite music come alive. And as for Cachao - his bowing is more immediate in this small group than it is in his Master Sessions CDs - even though he was fronting the orchestra then and is supporting Valdes here. Overall, a wonderful low key (as low key as latin music can be), and satisfying listen.

Remembrance of things past (with Paquito)
This is an indispensable CD for lovers of Cuban music (not to speak of cuban lovers of cuban music). All of the cuts except Route 66, are music that we have heard since childhood. And they sound that way even when they are not played in the traditional way. You want to know why Chucho Valdes plays like he does? Listen to his Dad here. This is a CD not to be missed.

A Legendary Trio
EL Arte del Sabor is an accurate title for this great CD by the Bebo Valdes Trio. The Trio composed of the great pianist Bebo Valdes, master congero Carlos "Patato" Valdes and the legendary bass player Israel Lopez "Cachao" is a combination made in heaven. Paquito D'Rivera makes a guest appearance on a few of the tracks, in which case the trio becomes a quartet. Tracks like "Ogguere" or "El Maranon" just blew me away. Each musician shines through with great clarity and fantastic swing. These legendary musicians lay no waste in preparing these pieces which such a pleasant savor or "sabor" that the music simply overwhelms and entices the senses. A must have for any Jazz fan or Latin music fan. If you love good music, get this album - It does not disappoint. I highly recommend it.

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A major name in Cuba in the 1950s, pianist Bebo Valdes defected from Cuba in 1960 and in 1963 settled in Stockholm. He was rediscovered and finally recorded again in 1994 (though he had played locally all along). This date reunites him at the age of 82 with bassist Cachao (also 82) in a group also including the 74-year old conga player Patato Valdes and (on three numbers) Paquito D’Rivera on alto and clarinet. The music is full of charming melodies, subtle interplay, and wonderful playing. In fact, the performances (which are full of rich themes) rewards repeated and close listenings. A gem. - Scott Yanow

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