Ben Webster Quintet - Soulville

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Ben Webster  Quintet - Soulville

Ben Webster Quintet - Soulville
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This is the perfect record to start to listen to the Jazz music. Deep ballads, good mancini like swingers, standars… All you need to know about the Jazz by one of the masters of the sax.

Track list:
1. Soulville
2. Late date
3. Time on my hands
4. Lover, come back to me
5. Where are you?
6. Makin whoopee
7. Ill wind
8. Who
9. Boogie woogie
10. Roses of picardy

Personnel: Ben Webster Saxophone ténor/ Oscar Peterson Piano / Ray Brown Contre-basse / Herb Ellis Guitare / Stan Levey Batterie
Editeur Verve Enregistrement 10/1957


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