Bertine Zetlitz - Beautiful So Far (W.Bonus Track)

Posted By: Hannushka
Bertine Zetlitz - Beautiful So Far (W.Bonus Track)

Bertine Zetlitz - Beautiful So Far (2001)
MP3 320 Kbps | 2001 | Label: EMI | 100 Mb
Genre: Electronic | Styles: Synth-pop

Bertine Zetlitz has a sweet voice and an undeniable talent for making catchy tunes. Some of them so catchy that portions of them turn into what our German brothers and sisters call 'earworms', that very annoying piece of music that loops and stays in your inner ear, slowly driving you mad. The funny thing is that the first few tracks and the album art sort of gives the impression that this is exactly what she wants. You know, cute but naughty, in a way. Both this persona and quite a few of the tracks (notably the tenth one, "Let Armies Loose") owe more than a small debt to Björk Gudmundsdottir. But I get ahead of myself.

As I said, the tunes are very catchy. Bertine Zetlitz and her collaborators have made an album full of catchy tunes, imaginatively sung by a woman of quite some talents and gifts. Mostly electronic pop with some judiciously applied guitar and banjo. It sounds clean, but not sterile, and the only really annoying thing about the album is Ms Zetlitz' tendency to whisper her lyrics, somthing that's probably meant to sound naughtily seductive, but which falls flat. After listening to this album a few times, it feels as if I don't like the last half of it, but that may be a matter of tiring of the sound. Next time I play it, I'll play the tracks in random order and see what happens.
1 Adore Me
2 Certain
3 Sick Communication
4 Spitfire
5 Tigerlilly
6 Cruel
7 Fate
8 Everything I Want
9 Uncomfortable
10 Closer
11 Lovers Do
12 Beautiful So Far
13 Fate (DiskLab Remake)