Michael Nyman - Carrington - 1995

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Michael Nyman - Carrington - 1995

Michael Nyman - Carrington - 1995

Argo CD 444873-2
OST - MP3 - 128 kbps - 63,3 MB

Track list

Outside looking in (9:14
Opening titles (1:21
Fly drive (1:40
Cliffs off fall 2:00
Every Curl of your beard 2:24
Virgin on the roof 1:40
Gertler 3:15
Leaving Gertler 1:27
Painting the garden of Eden 1:59
Partridge 1:54
Floating the honeymoon 2:45
Brenan 6:53
Beacus 2:58
Leaving Brenan 1:59
Ham Spray House 1:39
The Infinite complexities of Christmas 4:18
'Something rather impulsive' 1:48
'If this is dying' 1:46


The Michael Nyman Band
Michael Nyman: piano
Beverly Davison: violin
Ann Morfee: violin
Claire Thompson: violin
Nicholas Ward: violin
Boguslow Kosteki: violin
Harriet Davies: violin
Catherine Musker: viola
Bruce White: viola
Philip D'Arcy: viola
Jim Sleigh: viola
Anthony Hinnigan: cello
Justin Pearson: cello
Tony Lewis: cello
Martin Elliott: bass guitar
David Roach: soprano/alto saxophone
Jamie Talbot: alto/tenor saxophone
Sleeve notes

Michael Nyman - Carrington - 1995

Carrington is the first soundtrack that I have written which, because of the nature and layout of the film, has been designed (on one level) to illuminate character -that of Dora Carrington, and of the men with whom she is shown to have relationships. For instance, her relationship with Lytton Strachey is represented (at Christopher Hampton's request) by material derived from my String Quartet No. 3 (tracks 1, 2, 5, 9, 18); Mark Gertler is 'portrayed' by track 7, Talph Partridge (briefly) by track 10, Gerald Brenan by track 12, and 'Beacus' Penrose by track 13. Carrington attempts, on tracks 16 and 17, to cope with the crumbling of her world.


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