Buddy Rich - Big Swing Face

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Buddy Rich - Big Swing Face

Buddy Rich - Big Swing Face

1. Norwegian Wood
2. Big Swing Face
3. Monitor Theme
4. Wack Wack
5. Love For Sale
6. Mexicali Nose
7. Willowcrest
8. The Beat Goes On
9. Bugle Call Rag
10. Standing Up In A Hammock
11. Chicago
12. Lament For Lester
13. Machine
14. Silver Threads Among The Blues
15. New Blues
16. Old Timey
17. Loose
18. Apples (aka Gino)
This is a great, classic record. Every jazz drummer worth their salt knows this record. Why does it feel so good? - answer: Acoustic bass. When Buddy switched to electric bass, it just didn't swing as much. Some of that depends on the players - for example, the electric bass on the "live in Montreal" video swings pretty well, I think.
Also, the big band bass players had their strings higher off the neck, giving a more percussive sound.
No offense to electric bass players! I love em. But, with Buddy's style of playing I think upright sounds better.
Likewise, the "Live East and West" album by Woody Herman has a great, feel, again the acoustic bass (and Ron Zito on drums) gives a great swinging feel.