Bill Conti - For Your Eyes Only OST

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Bill Conti - For Your Eyes Only OST

Bill Conti - For Your Eyes Only OST
MP3 160 Kbps | 1981/2003 | Label: Capitol | 58:58 min | 68 MB
Genre: Soundtrack

The theme song, also titled "For Your Eyes Only", was written by Bill Conti (music) and Michael Leeson (lyrics), and performed by Sheena Easton. The song was later nominated for both an Academy Award and Golden Globe in 1982. Easton also made Bond film history as the first (and, to date, only) artist to perform the theme song on-screen during the opening title sequence. The popularity of "For Your Eyes Only", and Easton's film appearance, is credited with establishing Easton as a star in North America; she had already been popular in her native UK for at least a year prior to the film's release.

The soundtrack was composed by Bill Conti and likewise with other Roger Moore Bond films includes a more disco-oriented theme. When the soundtrack was later released on compact disc six tracks were added that showed Conti's versatile approach to the film that aided it in its return to a tougher, more realistic James Bond.

1. For Your Eyes Only (Performed by Sheena Easton)
2. A Drive in the Country
3. Take Me Home (Flugelhorn solo by Eddie Blair)
4. Melina's Revenge
5. Gonzales Takes a Dive
6. St. Cyril's Monastery
7. Make It Last All Night (Performed by Rage)
8. Runaway
9. Submarine
10. For Your Eyes Only (Flugelhorn so by Derek Watkins)
11. Cortina
12. The P.M. Gets the Bird/For Your Eyes Only - Reprise (Performed by Sheena Easton)
13. Gunbarrel/Flowers for Teresa/Sinking the St. Georges
14. Unfinished Business/Bond Meets Kristatos
15. Ski…Shoot…Jump…
16. Goodbye, Countess/No Head for Heights/Dining Alone
17. Recovering the ATAC
18. Sub Vs. Sub
19. Run Them Down/The Climb

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