Billie Holiday - The Complete Decca Recordings (2 disc set) 1944-1950, release date: 1991

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"The music is less jazz-oriented in its backing than were the earlier Columbia and Commodore or later Verve recordings, but these are superb vocal performances, including matchless renderings of "Lover Man," "Don't Explain," and "Solitude." Holiday achieved the highest level that torch singing has ever known, creating consummately expressive, almost etched renditions that are richly nuanced, often enhanced by tasteful string arrangements. Holiday's deepest musical sources are strongly evident in songs associated with Bessie
Smith, including the earthy "Gimme a Pigfoot (and a Bottle of Beer)," and two spirited duets with Louis Armstrong." –Stuart Broomer

Yeh, I know I b___tched about passwording, but I think I see the necessity for it now. Sorry :(


Four RAR files. Each file approximately 80 megs.
Password: apricot (83.5 meg) (74.21 meg) (81.76 meg) (79.94 meg)