Blue Jays - Justin Hayward and John Lodge (of Moody Blues) (1975)

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Blue Jays - Justin Hayward and John Lodge (of Moody Blues) (1975)

Blue Jays - Justin Hayward and John Lodge (of Moody Blues) (1975)

This album was released while the Moody Blues were on hiatus, trying to decide whether they had things to contribute musically individually versus as a group. The album was recorded in the mid-70s, and it sounds like mid-70s soft rock. The music sounds very very much like the Moody Blues, though not quite, since the talents of Mike Pinder, Ray Thomas and Graeme Edge are missing. So while there is no mistaking that this album is by members of the Moodies, it's still not quite the same.

What characterizes the songs on this CD the most are the harmonies. Justin Hayward and John Lodge have always harmonized well, and those harmonies are exploited for full effect on this album. Listen to "You", "My Brother", "I Dreamed Last Night" and "Who Are You Now" and you will see what I mean. These two are masters of mellow rock.

This album was recorded with the fully matured voices of Justin Hayward and John Lodge. Their voices alone could have carried any of these songs. The songs are well performed, giving musical credence even to the weakest of lyrics on this album. Conversely, when the lyrics match well with the music and either or both of their voices, the songs are unstoppable. It's almost a good thing that this pair didn't record more albums separate from the Moody Blues because I'm not sure the world was ready for that many blues songs with so much feeling.

This album includes Justin Hayward's solo song "Blue Guitar". The tone of this song fits well with the rest of the album, and helps to extend the length of the album to better make use of the time available on a CD, recalling that "Blue Jays" was originally recorded on vinyl. Furthermore, having "Blue Guitar" at the end makes you wish the album wouldn't end, so you have to go back and play it over again. Or pop in a Moody Blues album.

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