Bobo Stenson Trio - War Orphans 1998

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Bobo Stenson Trio - War Orphans 1998
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A pianist who has always given more attention to the shape of a melody than to the condition of his outward career, musicians' musician Bobo Stenson is suddenly ubiquitous. His work with Tomasz Stanko and Charles Lloyd has been acclaimed by critics worldwide, he is the musician most extensively featured on the ECM anthology Selected Signs, and his own Swedish/Norwegian trio has become one of Europe's most popular touring bands. The trio's previous release Reflections collected several prizes, including a Swedish Grammy and the Golden Record Award of Orkester Journalen. War Orphans finds Stenson, Anders Jormin and Jon Christensen in peak form as they rove freely through an intriguing repertoire that includes two Ornette Coleman tunes, Ellington's "Melancholia", a beautiful Cuban love song by Silvio Rodríguez, and original material by bassist Jormin and the leader.

War Orphans
Oleo de mujer con sombrero / Natt / All My Life / Eleventh Of January / War Orphans / Sediment / Bengali Blue / Melancholia

Bobo Stenson (piano), Anders Jormin (contrabajo), Jon Christensen (batería).

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