Bodkin: Selftitled

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Bodkin - Bodkin
Release Date: 1972
Tracks: 5
Produced by: West Records
Format: MP3, CBR 256
Genre: Art/Hard Rock

The Hammond Organ is the primary instrument on this LP. The influence of its sound fits principally well within each song. “Aunty Mary’s Trashcan,” easily the best track on the LP, is nearly 11 minutes long and it illustrates my point perfectly. “Plastic Man” was the only cut where the guitar cuts loose as a featured instrument. All of you six-string aficionados need not being distraught over this as the electric guitar is an essential part of the mix with this music, it just is not as out front as you may be accustomed to.

If you look at the year this was recorded (1972) and where (U.K.) it is obvious what the group was trying to accomplish. They, like many others, were attempting to break new ground and become more progressive utilizing the keyboards as center from where their sound emanated from, while building the rest of the instruments around it.
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