Ruby - Salt Peter (1996)

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Ruby - Salt Peter (1996)

Ruby - Salt Peter (1996)
Rapidshare | VBR HQ (~209kbps) | Genre: Trip Hop

Lesley Rankine was the singer in a pretty good rock band called Silverfish, but when she started Ruby she found her voice, adopted a lyrical stance of menacing and predatory sexuality, set the words to an approximation of the grind-and-slap of industrial music, and did something that had almost never been done in an industrial context: opened up and cooed, like a flannel-shirted Billie Holiday. Salt Peter is driven by harsh, looped sounds (every instrument is processed to bring out its nastiest edge), and the rhythms at its center are usually strangled funk beats. Even without the soundplay, the songwriting is strong, especially the club hit "Tiny Meat." Rankine's grisly images are hard to shake.

Track listing
1. Flippin' Tha Bird
2. Saltwater Fish
3. Heidi
4. Tiny Meat
5. Paraffin
6. Hoops
7. Pine
8. Swallow Baby
9. The Whole Is Equal To The Sum Of Its Parts
10. Bud
11. Carondelet