Lee 'Scratch' Perry - On The Wire (Reggae)

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Lee 'Scratch' Perry - On The Wire (Reggae)
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“Like the one of the guys stated below, On The Wire is like a mix between the U-Sound reels and early 80`s material. I`m not even 50% sure about the references in the booklet about On The Wire tapes being lost since today, because David Katz doesn`t say a word about this album in his excellent People Funny Boy book. Perry would have mentioned the album to him, that`s for sure. It doesn`t sound like a set of random cuts or leftovers either, which makes it so much more confusing. This album is a tight, decent pack, yet not worth the 5 stars I gave it. I just feel the 1st reviewer wasn`t exactly aware of what`s going on here. Who DID expect rocksteady or dark dub from Scratch in `88?”


Track Listing
01 Lee 'scratch' Perry - Lee Scratch Perry On The Wire.Flac
02 Lee 'scratch' Perry - Exodus.Flac
03 Lee 'scratch' Perry - For Whom The Bell Tolls.Flac
04 Lee 'scratch' Perry - The Grim Reaper.Flac
05 Lee 'scratch' Perry - Yes My Firends.Flac
06 Lee 'scratch' Perry - Rock My Soul.Flac
07 Lee 'scratch' Perry - Seaside.Flac
08 Lee 'scratch' Perry - I Am The Upsetter.Flac
09 Lee 'scratch' Perry - Keep On Moving.Flac
10 Lee 'scratch' Perry - Burn Funky.Flac

Special track 05 "Yes My Friends" dedication to each & everyone on AvaxHome.

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