Ceredwen «O'r Mabinogi»

Posted By: Sauri
Ceredwen «O'r Mabinogi» (1997)
Celtic / New Age

MP3 / 256kbit / 58:22 / 113.9 Mb

Named after the Celtic goddess of inspiration, the duo of Renée Gray and Andrew Fryer that is Ceredwen debuts with a CD that is at once energetic, introspective, and ethereal. Inspired by the mabinogi or oral stories passed down from ancient Celtic tribes, Ceredwen interestingly mesh the modern sounds of keyboards, drum machines, and heavily processed vocals with piano, pennywhistle, and percussion to bring forth a unique, rhythmic brand of Celtic music. Gray sings in Welsh, which gives the songs a timeless flavor, though on some tunes ("Fel Yr Eira" or "Like the Snow") the heavy effects detract from her pretty voice. There are also a few songs that take a little too long in getting going, but overall the album will well please fans of Enigma or modern Celtic music.

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Tracks 1 - 2 | 20.3 Mb

1. Porth Annwn - The Gates of Annwn
2. Yng Ngolau Ddydd - In the Light of the Day

Tracks 3 - 4 | 27 Mb

3. Dial Bendigeidfran - The Revenge of Bendigeidfran
4. Morwyn Y Blodau - Lady of the Flowers

Track 5 | 18.2 Mb

5. Tir Gwastraff (The Wasteland) / Cwynfan Pryderi (Pryderi's Lament) - two composition in one track

Tracks 6 - 7 | 24.5 Mb

6. Blwyddyn I Heno - A Year From This Night
7. Teyrnas Y Ser - In the Realm of the Summer Stars

Tracks 8 - 9 | 20.6 Mb

8. Fel Yr Eira - Like the Snow
9. Rhiannon