Chants of Orthodox Easter

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Enjoy an unforgettable performance by the world-famous St. Petersburg Choir
Experience the beautiful melodies of some of the greatest composers of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries in this concert programme of Orthodox Chants, reflecting the distinctive, traditional art of Russian choral singing.
Don't miss this once-in-a lifetime presentation which brings the original works of composing geniuses to life in one of Eastern Europe's most beautiful churches.


Strastnog Sedmtsi (A. Gretsjaninov)
Da ispravitsa moliva moja (A. Gretsjaninov)
Voskresenije Tvoji (A. Gretsjaninov)
Christos Voskrese - I (A. Gretsjaninov)
Christos Voskrese - II (S. Dagtjarjov)
Voskresenija Djen (A. Vedel)
Angel Vopijasje (P. Tsjesnokov)
Stichiry (G. Sviridov)
Opus 15 (D. Bortnjanski)
Veroejoe (A. Archangelski)
Tebje Pajom ( S. Mokranets)
Tebje Boga Chvalim (D. Bortnjanski)

Choir Capella Saint Petersburg conducted by Vladislav Tsjernoetsjenko
Directed by Misjel Vermeiren

Video/45 minutes