China Moon CD is very good Chinese Traditional Music.

Posted By: Urukhrai

China Moon CD is very good Chinese Music.
I'd buy this album a my China travels

6.701.184byte 01 The fernleaf hedge bamboo under the moonshine.mp3
5.978.240byte 02 The dance music of Yi.mp3
5.873.792byte 03 The madrigal of bamboo building.mp3
7.458.944byte 04 A curved moon.mp3
5.662.848byte 05 Is your love me.mp3
6.645.888byte 06 In fact you do not understand my heart.mp3
5.679.232byte 07 Return to the previously.mp3
7.221.376byte 08 A plum.mp3
5.654.656byte 09 Married vow.mp3
6.305.920byte 10 Face sprint breeze.mp3
6.170.752byte 11 The love song of KongDing town.mp3
6.539.392byte 12 Star gleam.mp3
4.784.256byte 13 Mountain shone by red.mp3

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