Chinese Classical Music, Vol. 5 - Music of the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644)

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Chinese Classical Music, Vol. 5 - Music of the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644)

Music of the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644)
Series 中国古典音乐欣赏 (Chinese Classical Music), Vol. 5
EAC LAME 320 k | ~154 MB

This is Vol. 5 of the same six volumes series of which I have already uploaded Vol. 2, The Music of the Tang Dynasty at . The random order is due to the fact that right after coming home from China I have lent a great part of my freshly purchased CDs, and now I upload them in the order as I get them back… Nevertheless soon I will upload all the six volumes.

Each CD includes abundant information on the relative period and the music selected both in English and in Chinese, so it is enough to add that these pieces belong to the finest Chinese Classical music I have ever heard.

Ripped with Exact Audio Copy (EAC), and compressed with LAME at 320 kbps. Complete with cover scans and booklets (300 dpi) with descriptions of each piece in Chinese and English.


1. Autumn Meditation at Dongting Lake (Qin, Xiao and Erhu)
2. Sunny Spring (Qin solo)
3. Fishing Tune (Qin song)
4. Concubine Xiang's Sorrow (Qin solo)
5. Dressing Table (Xiao and orchestra)
6. Wearing Orchid (Qin solo)
7. Chao Yuan Song (Qin, Xiao and Pipa)
8. Crow Croaking at Night (Qin solo)
9. Tune of Happy Evening (Qin solo)
10. Story of Pipa - Eating Chaff (Aria of Southern drama)
11. Tale of Washing Dress - Encirclement (Aria of Kunqu opera)
12. Tale of Emerald Hairpin - Overtones (Aria of Kunqu opera)
13. Wuxiake Muqam - the First Dastam Interlude from the Eighth Muqam Suite (Song and dance music)

No password. Scans and music are separately archived, so that you can omit the scans if you want (but I recommend not to do so).

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