Clannad - Fuaim (1982)

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В продолжение ранее начатой темы - альбом, предшествующий Magical Ring. Именно с этого альбома к группе пришла широкая известность.

Clannad - "Fuaim" (1982)

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Clannad's experimentation with sound continued with their next album Fuaim, pronounced "Foom", which translates simply as "Sound". This was recorded in 1981 in Dublin's renowned Windmill Lane studios. Fuaim turned out to be a turning point for Clannad as a bigger sound evolved with the introduction of synthesizers and electric guitars. Fuaim bridges the traditional style of Dúlamán and Crann Ull and the haunting new sound of Sirius and Anam.

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Пятый трек - An tÚll - звучит в исполнении Eithne Patricia Ní Bhraonáin более известной как Enya.


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