Bond - Classified (June 15, 2004)

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Bond - Classified   (June 15, 2004)

Bond - Classified
June 15, 2004 | ASIN: B0001ZDKAQ | 160 Kbps | MP3
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Bond is a string quartet made up of four good-looking women, two from Australia, two from Great Britain. Their training is in purely classical music, which this CD certainly is not. Their previous CD was banned from the UK classical charts, presumably because of the overly insistent use of beats and other intrusions, and this CD too contains African, electro, Latin and hip-hop beats. Bond will be the first to acknowledge that they're heavily influenced by the club scene and pop culture from London to Bangkok. Here they are joined by the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, and the sound is enormous: there's level upon level of overdubbing. Some of the tracks have, as their basis, classical works: Pachelbel's Canon, snippets of Swan Lake, the Nutcracker, Carmen's Habanera, Brahms' Hungarian Dance no. 5, Barber's Adagio for Stings. But the sound we get is lush, beat-heavy, club-ish, full of excitement and basic rhythms, and the "classical" connection–aside from the melodies from the above-mentioned pieces–must be taken on faith. The women's solo playing, if there is any, is not audible. The over-riding feel is disco; this is for dancing and for creating a mood of excitement.

1. Explosive
2. Samba
3. Midnight Garden
4. Fly Robin Fly
5. Scorchio
6. Lullaby
7. Hungarian
8. I'll Fly Away
9. Dream Star
10. Highly Strung
11. Adagio For Strings
12. Senorita
13. Explosive